Roland Mouret wishes people would stop asking if he designed Victoria Beckham's fashion line.

The former Spice Girl-turned-designer is a huge fan of Roland's work and although critics have cited similarities between their creations, French-born Roland insists he merely gave her some advice.

He said: "Oh my God, that question. Politicians, movie stars, it's always the first things they want to know and I'm like, why? Why would I want to design a collection for Victoria Beckham?

"Yes she is a friend and yes she asks for advice and yes I told her the name of a pattern cutter, but she has lots of friends she asks for advice - Marc Jacobs. I like to help people that's all."

Although Roland has not designed her popular Victoria Beckham line, Victoria acknowledges him as an "inspiration" to her.

She said: "Roland is a very kind, generous man. A good friend and inspiration to me on many levels. He drapes like no other and understands a woman's body like very few male designers do.

"He gives ladies what they want each season, not to mention their partners. And let's face it, he doesn't look bad either!"