Roger Waters was told to ''shoot himself'' by his school teacher as a child.

The Pink Floyd musician revealed his tutor confronted him in class as a youngster and told him he would never do anything valuable with his life because he was ''useless''.

He recalled: ''I've had some measure of success and there's no question that it provides one with something of a bulwark against T.E House who was the a*shole at my grammar school who told me I was a complete f**king idiot.

''He was an English teacher and he was my form master when I was 13.

''He said I would never become anything and might as well give up and shoot myself because I was useless. He liked tidy hand-writing and a*slickers and I had neither of those attributes, so we didn't get on at all.''

The 71-year-old progressive rock legend - who will release documentary film 'Roger Waters The Wall' later this year - revealed he preferred to stick to the shadows and be left alone as a teenager.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he explained: ''When I was a young man, my wall manifested itself in an attitude, the image I have of myself is, if I was in this room, I'd be in one of the corners. I'd be dressed in black.

''I'd have a cigarette hanging out of the corner of my mouth and my expression would be one of f**k off, leave me alone.''