Roger Waters has expressed his gratitude to a war veteran by sending him a poem after he helped locate the spot where the Pink Floyd star's father died in action during World War Two.

Harry Schindler used British intelligence and maps to identify the exact place where the rocker's father, Lieutenant Eric Waters, was killed in 1944 during the battle of Anzio in Italy.

Waters, who was only five months old when his father passed, has since reached out to Schindler to thank him by writing a poem, titled One River, and sending it to the retired soldier with a letter which he signed, "To Harry, with gratitude."

Schindler, who is the head of the Italy Star Association of veterans, was touched by the poem, telling Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper, "It's very moving indeed... I think Roger was grateful that I went to all this trouble to find where his father was killed.

"I see my job as to make sure that nobody forgets all the lads who died and what happened after the landings. I came through it fortunately, but many didn't."