Roger Waters doesn't like Pink Floyd's last album 'The Endless River'.

The band's ex-bass player and founder has listened to his former group's 2014 LP but he didn't enjoy the music David Gilmour and Nick Mason recorded.

Asked for if he likes 'The Endless River', he said: ''No, but that's - that's so what. There's an awful lot of records that I hear that I don't like.''

Although the 72-year-old musician hasn't been in the prog rock band for over 30 years, he thinks guitarist Gilmour made the ''right decision'' not to make any new Pink Floyd music following the last album's release.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: ''I think that he's making the right decision (laughs). I mean, it's nothing to do with me; they do what they want. Yeah, except I guess the legacy's got something to do with me. It's none of my business. Anything they do, after I left, has absolutely nothing to do with me. It's none of my business.''

Gilmour has just released his fourth solo album 'Rattle That Lock', while Mason has expressed interest in working with Waters again on new songs.