Roger Waters had a look that said ''f**k off and leave me alone'' when he was young.

The 71-year-old Pink Floyd singer - who will release documentary film 'Roger Waters The Wall' later this year - revealed that he was the type of kid who preferred to stick to the shadows and ignore his peers.

He said: ''I'd have a cigarette hanging out of the corner of my mouth and my expression would be one of f*** off, leave me alone.''

Speaking in an interview with The Sun newspaper, he went on: ''When I was a young man, my wall manifested itself in an attitude, the image I have of myself is, if I was in this room, I'd be in one of the corners. I'd be dressed in black.''

And the progressive rock legend revealed that his school teacher told him to go and ''shoot himself'' when he was a child.

He recalled: ''I've had some measure of success and there's no question that it provides one with something of a bulwark against T.E House who was the a**hole at my grammar school who told me I was a complete f**king idiot.

''He was an English teacher and he was my form master when I was 13.

''He said I would never become anything and might as well give up and shoot myself because I was useless. He liked tidy hand-writing and a**lickers and I had neither of those attributes, so we didn't get on at all.''