Roger Taylor is keen to record a Queen album with Adam Lambert.

The group - whose singer Freddie Mercury died in 1991 - are preparing for another tour with the former 'American Idol' singer and after finishing the run of gigs in Europe, the 65-year-old drummer is keen to make new music with the star because he works so well with them.

He said: ''I think it would be a very interesting experiment. It would be nice to just go in and see what came out. I don't know if it would be an album or anything, but I think it's too good a marriage to just let it go at touring. I'm sure we'll do something. His voice is so extraordinary, and it's a beautiful instrument. I think it would be nice.

''I guess we better come up with some material. We've sort of mentioned it, yeah, but not in a serious way. I think we'll probably get this tour over with and maybe come up while we're touring, 'Do you want to go in and try to write something?' ''

Before they can bring out any new material, the band will release 'Queen Forever', a new compilation which includes three unreleased tracks, including 'There Must Be More to Life Than This', Freddie's duet with the late Michael Jackson but Roger has revealed the pair worked on another track that they were unable to include for legal reasons.

He told Billboard: ''It was really something the record company wanted and we did have these three tracks that have never been heard, so we tried to put together an interesting collection.

''Obviously with different companies involved, it's quite complicated.

''We seemed to resolve something and we have permission to release this one track, but it was not the easiest [negotiations]. And I think, what a shame - Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, two great talents, neither of them is with us anymore.''