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Wrist-raker Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore accidentally broke his wife's wrist.The 82-year-old actor caused the painful injury to Kristina, 67, as he was trying to stop her from falling over during a trip to Switzerland.Roger - who seemingly...

Moore Named Peta's Person Of The Year

SIR ROGER MOORE has been honoured by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in the U.K. for his campaign to ban controversial French delicacy foie gras.The former James Bond star, a longtime...

Moore Yearns For A Simple Life

Millionaire former BOND star SIR ROGER MOORE has tired of fame and fortune - insisting he gets "spoilt rotten" when he tries to go about his daily life.The veteran actor has enjoyed a stellar five-decade...

Moore Eyes Dr Who Role

BOND legend SIR ROGER MOORE is vying for a guest spot on DR WHO - after learning his 007 protege TIMOTHY DALTON has landed a part in a forthcoming Christmas special.Dalton, who took over the...

Moore Demands End To Child Sex Abuse

Former JAMES BOND star SIR ROGER MOORE has demanded officials around the world put a stop to the sexual exploitation of children - by pursuing paedophiles across international borders.The 81 year old was speaking in...

Movie Reviews Street Fighter The Legend Of Chun-li

Not screening Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li for critics did not protect the film against failure at the box office this past weekend. The film eventually took in just $4.6 million. Sam Adams, who...

Moore: 'I Was Too Old For Bond'

JAMES BOND legend SIR ROGER MOORE is convinced he looked like a "dirty old man" as the superspy - because he grew too old for the part. The actor played the suave secret agent until...

Moore's Fight With Marvin

Former JAMES BOND star SIR ROGER MOORE was once embroiled in a fistfight with fellow actor LEE MARVIN, after the late star mistook a choreographed fight scene for real life. The pair starred together in...

Palmer: 'Younger Craig Wasn't Suave Enough To Play Bond'

British actress PATSY PALMER couldn't believe it when she saw her old friend DANIEL CRAIG as superspy JAMES BOND - because he was never that suave when she knew him. The hunky British actor has...

Grant Wants To Be Old-fashioned Bond

HUGH GRANT wants to play JAMES BOND, if producers agree to make the next movie in the style of the original 007 films. The British star thinks the more recent Bond films have lost...

Book Rubbishes Homosexual Moore Rumour

Scandalous rumours about veteran actor ROGER MOORE's homosexual adventures with Irish director BRIAN DESMOND HURST have finally been slammed in a new book. Author CHRISTOPHER ROBBINS's biography of Hurst - THE EMPRESS OF IRELAND...

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