Rod Stewart's wildchild daughter KIMBERLY has come clean about her secret breast enhancement after pal Jack Osbourne went public about her implants.

The model and US TV presenter, 25, was initially livid when Osbourne revealed her most guarded secret, after she framed and signed her implants and gave them to him as a gift.

But she has decided to use the news to urge teenagers not to cave into peer pressure and have any kind of enhancement.

She says, "I gave him (Osbourne) my implants, I framed them and I signed them and I engraved them and he has them on his bathroom wall and that's why this is out in the public today.

"I feel like everything happens for a reason, and, if there's a message I can send through Jack's big mouth, why not."

Stewart admits she got rid of her implants after her mother Alana Stewart discarded hers following a health scare.

She adds, "She actually had a friend that got really sick from the silicone implants and that's when she took them out."

Kimberly states her famous father was supportive of his daughter when she had the implants put in at 18, and even more supportive when she decided to get rid of them.

She recalls, "He's very supportive of whatever I do. He was just like, 'If you don't feel comfortable, if you don't feel safe, just get them removed.'"

20/05/2005 09:10