Rochelle Wiseman treats herself by getting manicures at least once a week.

The Saturdays beauty loves to keep her nails looking good with the weekly trims, but rather than splashing out on a professional treatment, she often asks her friends to do the honours.

She explained: "My treat is getting my nails done. In fact, I get them done once a week because I get bored with the colours. I go to a local place or sometimes my friend does them."

Rochelle's bandmates Mollie King and Una Healy have admitted they are also conscious of always looking good, and always make sure they top up their fake tan before going out partying.

Mollie said: "Me and Una like to look bronzed so we apply fake tan the night before a big event."

Una added: "Yeah I use a glove and do it really carefully. I moisturise my elbows and knees afterwards, then wash my hands really well and put a little bit of fake tan on the back of my hands. The hands are always a giveaway."