Rochelle Humes wants her husband Marvin Humes to design a menswear range.

The Saturdays singer has just unveiled her new Spring/Summer collection for and she thinks her spouse - who presents 'The Voice' and co-hosts 'This Morning' with her - would be successful if her followed in her fashion designer footsteps.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she said: ''Menswear isn't my department. I need to get Marvin to do that. I think that's something he should do because he looks alright, he scrubs up well.''

Rochelle is extremely proud of her new Very range because she believes she has fulfilled her goal of creating clothes that will ''flatter'' normal women.

The 26-year-old singer explained: ''I want to produce clothes that flatter figures, clothes that me and my friends would actually wear ... I'm very involved in the whole process, I'm hands-on ... My SS15 collection is bold yet understated at the same time. I wanted to create pieces that get noticed for the little details. I love using different textures and adding a hint of lace or embellishment. It's such a versatile collection that is easy to wear day or night throughout the season. I love doing colour. I love styles that flatter figures, that's really what I look to do, things that you would turn round at a girl walking down the street and go, 'Wow, I really love what's got on.' ''