Robyn has been praised by fellow pop star Katy Perry by being described as the ''epitome of effortless cool'. Robyn had been supporting Perry on her California Dreams Tour and Perry had been impressed by her sense of style.

Talking to MTV News, Perry suggested that Robyn is more willing to make huge fashion risks: 'I don't need to give her advice. She needs to give me advice. She's cool, dude. She makes everyone cooler. She's just, like, the epitome of effortless cool, like you look at her wardrobe and you think, "I don't think I could wear that", but she wears it and she just owns it.' The pair had joined forces again last night (10 Dec 2011) when Katy Perry presented Saturday Night Live and Robyn was the musical guest. Perry further suggested that the recent popularity of platform shoes was also down to Robyn: 'She's always wearing platform shoes, whether it's, like, creepers or Prada shoes. And she was wearing them way back when, in the beginning of the tour. And now Prada's doing them - everyone's wearing them. Rihanna's wearing them. I'm wearing them after all of the convincing, so she's kind of the tastemaker.' 

Making her debut on SNL, on its 37th series, the 32-year-old Swedish pop star performed her dance hits 'Call Your Girlfriend' and 'Dancing On My Own' from her 'Body Talk' trilogy.