Review of With Every Heartbeat Single by Robyn

With Every Heartbeat
Single Review

Robyn With Every Heartbeat Single

Robyn Miriam Carlsson, from Stockholm (Sweden), has been causing quite a stir with this song. The angel-like voice, the gripping lyrics and the simplistic instrumentation of 'With Every Heartbeat' has continued to win over a good percentage of the population over the past few weeks. There's something special, amazing and magnificent about this pop-song that you can't quite pinpoint. It has a powerful and indescribable effect on you every time you listen to it.

With it's sweet and crisp violin quartet blended with electronica and a strong bass, not to forget the radiant vocals of Robyn.

This is a certain hit of summer 2007, one of those songs that, when you hear it in the future, you'll reminisce to.


Daniel Black

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