Robin Wright doesn't believe she is a great actress.

The modest Hollywood star has had a string of successful movies in her career since starring in 'The Princess Bride' in 1987, including 'Forrest Gump' and 'Moneyball', and she has wowed audiences in Netflix drama 'House of Cards' as the icy First Lady.

Despite the success she has enjoyed, Robin doesn't think she is one of the best actresses of her generation.

In an interview with ES Magazine, she said: ''I'm not a great actress. I think I did one thing really well. But I am not a great, versatile actress. Tilda Swinton is, she's an animal. Meryl Streep - phenomenal. That's a chameleon.''

Robin has two children, Dylan, 24, and Hopper, 22, with her ex-husband Sean Penn - who she split from in 2007 - and she is proud to say that her family always came before her career.

She said: ''I was being very selective; work wasn't really a priority. I became a mother to raise my children.''

Robin - who turns 50 next year - is now concentrating on the ''next chapter'' in her life and has decided to only accept roles in projects that really interest her.

She said: ''If a great role comes along that is exciting and has some substance, or is far outside the box for me, I'll definitely take it. But to play the pained wife again? I'm done.''