Robin Williams sent a moving video message to one of his fans who was terminally ill from cancer just a few months before he took his own life.

Robin Williams video message
The late comedy star Robin Williams recorded a message of support to a terminally ill fan

21 year old Vivian Waller, a resident of New Zealand, was told in January this year that she had three forms of cancer. After going through rounds of gruelling chemotherapy and showing no improvement, she drew up a ‘bucket list’ of things to do before the end of her life.

Alongside marrying her boyfriend Jack and seeing her daughter Sophie turn one, the list included meeting her idol Robin Williams. While she became too ill to travel from Auckland to the United States, one of her friends managed to get in contact with Williams’ and he agreed to record a short message of support for Waller.

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In the video, you can immediately see Williams’ trademark, off-the-cuff impression-based humour. “Hi Vivian, it’s Robin Williams here, saying: Hey girl, what’s going on down there in New Zealand?”, he says, putting on a Kiwi accent to the camera.

After including a personal message, he goes on to say “I said: hey hey hey, what’s going on? It’s all right, ‘s’all right, ‘s’all right. I’m just channelling Matthew McConaughey. Much love to you baby!” he signs off before blowing a kiss into the camera.

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Waller’s husband Jack released the 20-second video to the world in order to “show people how awesome a person he was”. He also said that Vivian was overjoyed to receive the video earlier this year.

This tiny but thoughtful gesture meant so much to Waller, and demonstrates once more just how much Williams meant to so many people.