It’s been a long time since Robin Williams graced the small screen, but he’s at it again, tonight, actually. The Crazy Ones debuts on CBC at 9/8c, and in the build up to it, Williams sat down to answer some questions from Reddit users, begging the question: should he just do that every week?

Robin Williams
Robin Williams knows how to have a laugh

While The Crazy Ones hasn’t exactly bombed with the critics – there are enough positive reviews to suggest this could be an excellent season of comedy from the funny-man – there were plenty of mediocre reviews to accompany the good ones.

The New York Times wrote in their review, that “Watching Mr. Williams return to the kind of improvisation-style routines that made him famous in the 1970s is bittersweet, like watching Jimmy Connors play tennis again: they are still impressive, but audiences can’t help recalling how much more elastic and powerful they were at their peak.”

“The talented cast and upbeat pilot work in the series’ favor, but if the half-hour is to be more than a platform for Williams’ improv, the story will have to go deeper. And make us care,” said The Denver Post.

It wasn’t all mediocrity, The San Francisco Chronicle asserts that: [The Crazy Ones and The Michael J. Fox Show] have great, always likable stars heading up solid ensemble casts in well-written and mostly plausible shows. Who could ask for anything more?"

Sarah Michelle GellerSarah Michelle Geller stars in The Crazy Ones alongside Williams

Which brings us back to Williams’ AMA, which he undertook yesterday, September 25th. In it, he told stories of buying dildos dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire, why exactly his daughter is named after cult videogame, Zelda, and why he loves to impersonate Jack Nicholson. It was, by anyone’s standards, a brilliant ‘ask-me-anything’ session, and we’d suggest doing one of those a week would be excellent entertainment.