Even though it has been over three months since Robin Williams tragically took his own life in August at his Northern Californian home aged 63, the loss of the iconic comedian is still just as hard to process for his children.

Robin Williams
Williams committed suicide in August, aged 63

"I miss him all the time," Williams's 31-year-old son Zak told this week's issue of People magazine. "Often I see something or if I'm watching a film, I think, 'Oh, man, he would have appreciated this' or 'He would have gotten a laugh out of this.'"

Williams' first child, Zak, was born in his first marriage to Valerie Velardi in 1983.

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The grieving son also opened up to the magazine about how the rest of his siblings are dealing with life after their father's passing. "There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about our dad," he divulged.

Zak revealed that volunteering to help others enables him to cope with the tragic loss. "It's through helping others that I've begun to heal," he added.

On August 11th, Williams was found in his bedroom, fully clothed, and gently suspended in a seat with a belt wrapped around his neck, with one end wedged between the door and the frame of his closet. He also attempted to cut his wrists with a pocket knife.

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The cause of death was confirmed as asphyxia due to hanging, but there were no drugs, alcohol or any other illegal substances in his system at the time, his autopsy report concluded. However, the 'Mrs, Doubtfire' actor was suffering from anxiety and Parkinson's Disease in the days leading up to his suicide.