On the same day as Ben Affleck spoke about being "heartbroken" over the sudden death of Robin Williams, Matt Damon also released a heartfelt message about the late star, in which he thanked Williams for bringing "so much joy" into his life.

Robin Williams
Williams commited suicide on Monday (Aug 11th)

On Monday (Aug 11th), the legendary comedian, who has had a long battle with sobriety and depression, was found in his bedroom, fully clothed, and gently suspended in a seat with a belt wrapped around his neck, with one end wedged between the door and the frame of his closet.

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The following day, Damon spoke very highly of his late 'Good Will Hunting' co-star in an emotional statement, which read, "Robin brought so much joy into my life and I will carry that joy with me forever. He was such a beautiful man. I was lucky to know him and I will never, ever forget him."

Adding, "I truly hope the people in the media can find it within themselves to give his family some privacy during this horrible time."

Both Damon and Affleck are very thankful to have worked with Williams in 97', back then the two struggling actors were trying to get their screenplay of 'Good Will Hunting' made into a movie, and they were finally given green light when the 63 year-old joined the production.

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Williams won the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his performance as Dr. Sean Maguire in the flick. He portrayed a therapist who was tasked to connect to the troubled main character Will, played by Damon, after it is discovered he was a closet genius.f

Matt Damon
Damon and Williams starred together in 1997's 'Good Will Hunting'

Affleck was equally emotional when talking about the late star, "Robin had a ton of love in him. He personally did so much for so many people. He made Matt and my dreams come true," he said. "What do you owe a guy who does that? Everything."