The Marin County Coroner's report revealed details about the last hours of Robin Williams' life and stressed there were no traces of illegal drugs or alcohol in his system. His cause of death has been confirmed as suicide.

Robin Williams
Robin Williams died in August and the Coroner's report has just been published.

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The comedian was discovered dead on 11th August and it was believed at the time he had committed suicide. His wife Susan Schneider confirmed her husband had been suffering from depression and had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The recent coroner's report, released on Friday (7th November), confirms Williams committed suicide by hanging. 

The latest Coroner's report has also revealed some interesting details about the case which have previously not been in the public domain. 

The Coroner at first thought Williams had accidently committed suicide and has no intention to end his life. Investigators reportedly asked Williams' widow Schneider if Williams had practised autoerotic asphyxia and she confirmed he did not. According to the report, acquired by the NY Daily News, the Coroner stated "I then frankly asked if the subject had any history of autoerotic asphyxia. Mrs. Williams stated he did not."

Williams had been struggling to sleep in the months leading to his death and had taken to sleeping in a separate bedroom from his wife as he, according to the report, moved around and spoke loudly in his sleep. It was in the separate bedroom that he was discovered dead. 

Robin Williams
Details about Robin Williams' last hours have been revealed in the Coroner's report.

Williams' body had some cuts on the inside of his left wrist but they were superficial and there was only a small amount of blood. A pocket knife was discovered with traces of Williams' blood and a cloth in the bathroom also had traces. 

Sadly Williams, the night before his death, had been quite active and had been in to see his wife in their bedroom on a number of occasions. Williams had also asked for the iPad and Schneider hoped her husband of three years was showing some signs of improvement and an interest in reading or watching television. The report stated Williams had done neither for six months prior to his death. 

There is the suggest Williams may have been struggling to come to terms with his health conditions as he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and was probably suffering from "diffuse Lewy body dementia." The report also stated Williams "had complained in the past about not liking the way some of his medications made him feel."

Williams' body was cremated and his family scattered his ashes in San Francisco Bay close to the coast of Marin County. Williams is survived by his widow and three children. 

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Robin Williams
Williams was 63-years-old at the time of his death.