Robin Thicke may have enjoyed having THE number one hit of the entire summer with 'Blurred Lines,' but the singer now is apparently locked in a legal battle over that very song following claims that it sounds very similar to two older tracks. Despite professing his love for Marvin Gaye and discussing the influence the singer has had on his career, this hasn't stopped Thicke and his 'Blurred Lines' collaborators T.I. and Pharrell Williams from taking Gaye's family to court following complaints that 'Blurred Lines' sounds strangely similar to Gaye's 'Got To Give It Up.'

Robin Thicke
Thicke may be a fan of Gaye and Funkadelic, but he also has a reputation to uphold

According to The Hollywod Reporter, who broke the story, the Gaye family had apparently threatened Thicke and co. with legal action over the similarities between his hit song and Marvin's 1977 track. A similar complaint had been made by the company Bridgeport Music, who represent the legendary funk band Funkadelic, with the company claiming that 'Blurred Lines' shares an uncanny resemblance to their track 'Sexy Ways.' Now both the Gaye Estate and Bridgeport Music will both legal action from Thicke, T.I. and Williams as the latter attempt to brush off any claims of plagiarism.

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The suit against the Gaye estate and Bridgeport was filed at a California federal court on Friday (16 August), with the suit filing claiming that the 'Blurred Lines' artists thoroughly respect Gaye and Funkadelic, and have been forced into this court case to protect themselves and their reputations. The action reads: "Plaintiffs, who have the utmost respect for and admiration of Marvin Gaye, Funkadelic and their musical legacies, reluctantly file this action in the face of multiple adverse claims from alleged successors in interest to those artists. Defendants continue to insist that plaintiffs' massively successful composition, 'Blurred Lines,' copies 'their' compositions."

In a sign of support for Thicke, George Clinton, Funkadelic's band leader, has sided with the 'Blurred Lines' singer rather than Bridgeport. Having feuded with the company who owns the rights to the songs he mostly wrote, Clinton and Bridgeport have feuded in the past, and the legendary guitarist and songwriter made no attempt to hide his feelings towards the company when he wrote on his Twitter; "No sample of #Funkadelic's 'Sexy Ways' in @robinthicke's 'Blurred Lines' - yet Armen Boladian thinks so? We support @robinthicke @Pharrell!"

Listen to the two tracks yourself and see if you can notice a difference

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Thicke hasn't commented on the court case yet