Robin Thicke's priority after his separation from wife Paula Patton was to spend as much as possible with their son.

The 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker split from Paula in February 2014 and as well as dealing with his own pain at the end of his near nine-year marriage he wanted to ensure their four-year-old son Julian had minimal disruption in his life.

Robin decided to take a break from his career following the release of his 'Paula' album - a record he made to try and win back his wife that was a commercial flop - to be there for his child as he adjusted to his parents' break-up.

He revealed: ''I just took some time off. Last year - after touring for years and being on the road so much - I just decided that it was best to spend time with my son, take time to be with my family and just take it slow for a while, which I hadn't done pretty much my whole career ... I just stayed at home in LA and spent every day that I could with my son, splitting custody. I was just there for him. He'd just changed from three to four and that's a difficult age. They start understanding more. We just had the most amazing connection as father/son this year and it's all been worth it. Sometimes things happen for the best. If that last album ('Paula') had been a big success, it would have taken me away from him for another year. And the year I got to spend with him was magical.''

Robin - whose divorce from Paula, 39, was finalised in March 2015 - says he and his son bonded over baseball and have a very close relationship.

In an interview with Prestige Hong Kong magazine, he added: ''We do everything (together). We go to theme parks or museums or ball games or just go to the park on Saturday and sit around and walk for a few hours. Kick a ball and all that stuff that dads and kids do.''

The 38-year-old singer also revealed Julian is showing signs he shares the same musical talent as his father and the youngster isn't shy about showing off his vocal talents.

Robin - whose own parents are actor Alan Thicke and his ex-wife actress-and-singer Gloria Loring - said: ''Oh god, Julian can sing already. The other day he was singing 'What A Wonderful World' in his end-of-school-year play. He just loves to sing and stand in front of everybody and hold the microphone and sing loud. He has a great voice.''

Robin is now dating 20-year-old model April Geary and is getting ready to release his new studio album.