Robin Thicke was "chasing" fame and success in the early years of his career.

The 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker has admitted to "losing" himself in the process of seeking fame and that, ultimately, it left him feeling a bit empty.

He explained: "I started to chase it more and need it more and think that that was what was going to make me happy.

"Ultimately, of course, it never does. It didn't. I lost myself in the process chasing something that I never had and never needed, but then once I got some of it, I thought I needed it."

Robin - who has Julian, 10, with ex-wife Paula Patton, and Mia, two, and 23-month-old Lola with April Love Geary - thinks his life has become more fulfilled since he decided to "slow down".

The singer told Zane Lowe on Apple Music: "For me, it wasn't until I actually went to Malibu, slowed down, focused on my son, and then my father passed and I focused on having more kids and more of a family and taking my time with the writing, because I was writing so much, but nothing was really saying anything that mattered to me as a whole, as a whole.

"Bits and pieces. Then I just kind of started to realise that I always wanted to be an artist's artist, a singer-songwriter, and all I cared about was my catalogue, was the songs. Then I got into all this other stuff that you just get caught up in, man.

"Then I wasn't happy. I wasn't happy. I had bad routines, and I lost myself."

Robin even admitted to losing faith in himself as a musician.

He shared: "Then, even worse, I lost the music. I lost my trust and my confidence in my own music."