Taking your heartache and pain over a failed relationship and trying to turn it into music is nothing new. But when Robin Thicke released Paula he took things to a whole new level. Writing an entire album about your former partner and then going so far as to name the album after her, has turned out not to be the massive romantic gesture Robin Thicke intended it to be. Instead most have found it all pretty creepy, so creepy that only 530 copies of the album have been sold so far in the UK. So does the album’s failure, plus all of Robin’s other actions over the past 12 months mean that Robin Thicke really is the most pathetic man in pop?

Robin ThickeRobin's new album Paula has not been the success he was hoping for

Last March Robin Thicke probably couldn't believe how fast his life had changed. Suddenly he’d gone from being a r’n’b singer with limited success, to an international pop sensation, who’d just released the ‘song of the summer.’ Prior to ‘Blurred Lines’s' summer domination, Thicke’s highest charting single had been 2007’s ‘Lost Without U’, which peaked at number 14 on the Billboard charts. Now he was number 1 worldwide, with one of the best selling singles of all time.

But the success of ‘Blurred Lines’ suddenly became a bit of a poisoned chalice for Thicke. People soon began questioning the single’s lyrics, suddenly the ‘you know you want it’ refrain sounded a bit too ‘rapey’. Those lyrics teamed with the video, which featured naked models, just screamed misogyny as well as being downright sleazy and then there was his VMA performance with Miley Cyrus. It seemed Thicke’s was quickly becoming the least desirable man in pop, despite having a million selling single.

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Still, every time someone questioned Thicke’s image, the issue of his wife Paula Patton was brought up. ‘There’s nothing wrong with Robin, haven’t you heard the sweet story of how he and his wife met when they were just 14?’ We assume some Thicke apologists said. Yes it was true, Thicke had a wife, the beautiful Paula Patton, whom he’d been with since he was 14 and married in 2005. But it wasn't long before Thicke’s marriage also started to unravel publicly.

While Paula had always seemed supportive of her husband, some wondered if Robin had begun taking his public persona a little too seriously. First there was ‘that’ pic of Robin getting a little too ‘hands on’ with a fan, then there was the Parisian nightclub incident. When you add it all together, the announcement of the couple’s split in February didn't seem too shocking.

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Now Thicke is seemingly doing all he can to win Paula back and has documented it all on his latest album. Critics have savaged the album, calling Thicke’s lyrics creepy and adding a whole load of ‘no wonder she left him’. Fans clearly haven't taken to listening to Thicke’s martial woes either, Paula has only shifted 530 copies in the UK so far.

Robin Thicke and Paula PattonThe way they were: Robin Thicke and Paula Patton

So is Robin Thicke the most pathetic man in pop? Yes. But it’s not all because his album has sold so poorly or because he named it after his ex wife. It’s because he really did just royally screw everything up. After years of trying to make it, he released a song which, yes was lyrically questionable, but was also hugely successful. Off the back of ‘Blurred Lines’ Robin should be having the life he always dreamed of. Instead he believed his own hype and appeared to buy too much into his image and it cost him dearly. For those who mocked Robin before, Paula has just given them a whole lot more ammunition and it also might just have sounded the death knell on his career. Perhaps if he could do it all again, even Robin would make sure 'Blurred Lines' never happened.