Unreleased Robin Gibb Album '50 St. Catherine's Drive' And Final Recordings Confirmed For Release September 2014

Unreleased Robin Gibb Album '50 St. Catherine's Drive' And Final Recordings Confirmed For Release September 2014

On 29 September 2014, Reprise/Warner/Rhino will release '50 St. Catherine's Drive', the last solo album by the legendary songwriter, performer and founding Bee Gee, Robin Gibb who died in May 2012. The album has been compiled by his wife Dwina Gibb and son RJ Gibb, and includes most of the tracks originally recorded for the album, plus the last tracks written and recorded by Robin Gibb.
Named '50 St. Catherine's Drive' - the address of the house where Robin was born in Douglas on the Isle of Man - the album is a reflective, sometimes autobiographical collection of songs mainly recorded between 2006 and 2008 but never released. With the addition of some of the final recordings by Robin Gibb, the album is a unique insight into the genius song-writing talent of this much loved and greatly missed globally renowned artist.
The final track on the album, 'Sydney' is also the very last track recorded by Robin. As a demo recording, it is not as produced as the other tracks on the album, and the inclusion of the track is explained by Robin's wife, Dwina Gibb:
"Robin composed this late at night, in August 2011, at our home, The Prebendal. He used the bedroom keyboards and then Garageband on an I-Pad. He wished to finish this song in a studio with Barry, for a new album he hoped they would record together, but his health prevented this. He missed his twin brother Maurice who had passed away; but when he closed his eyes, the three young brothers were back in Sydney, Australia, happy together with their dreams and hopes for the future. Their future creations of course affected the world. This fragment of song is poignant, wistful, beautiful and unfinished. It belongs on this album as one of his last works. He cried when he wrote it, and I wept when I heard it."
'50 St. Catherine's Drive' also includes three tracks, co-written with his son RJ Gibb. The album was produced by Peter-John Vettese.

'50 St. Catherine's Drive' is released on 29 September 2014

Full Tracklisting:
1.       Days Of Wine & Roses
2.       Instant Love
3.       Alan Freeman Days
4.       Wherever You Go
5.       I Am The World (New Version)
6.       Mother
7.       Anniversary
8.       Sorry
9.       Cherish
10.    Don't Cry Alone
11.    Avalanche
12.    One Way Love
13.    Broken Wings
14.    Sanctuary
15.    Solid
16.    All We Have Is Now
17.    Sydney

o   'Sydney' the last song written and sung by Robin Gibb.
o   'I Am The World' - a new version of the 1966 Bee Gees classic.
o   All tracks written or co-written by Robin Gibb.
o   Song-writing contributions from son RJ Gibb.
o   Personal track by track notes by Dwina Gibb.