Gibb passed away in 2012, aged 62, after a battle with cancer, and he missed his son Robin-John, known as RJ, welcome his first child, a little boy named Maxwell, the following year (13).

RJ and his partner Megan are now celebrating the birth of their second son, Theodore-Alexander, who was born on 7 June (15), but the arrival has also brought sadness over the loss of Gibb.

RJ says, "I know that my father would have been a wonderful grandparent because he was such a loving, attentive and inspirational father. We miss him terribly and it is sad to know that had he lived just a little longer, he would have met his two grandsons: Maxwell and Theodore. Although they will never meet him, it is great that they will always hear his voice."

Gibb's widow Dwina adds, "Even though it is a joyful occasion, it is sad that Robin is not here with me to share in the happiness of seeing our grandchildren flourish and grow. I am glad they will have the music."