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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Review


Nearly 25 years after the sitcom debuted, Edina and Patsy arrive on the big screen to continue their drunken antics, although without the usual enthusiastic laugh-track everything feels eerily muted. Thankfully, there's still a lot of fun to be had, including well-aimed jabs at celebrity culture. Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are still hilarious in their signature roles. And it's hard to get too worried about the limp plot when every scene is packed with amusing cameo appearances.

With her PR agency fading and her money spent on expanding her home, Edina (Saunders) discovers that her credit cards are "broken" and her champagne fridge is empty. So she and her pal Patsy (Lumley) set out to make some cash. After failing to sell her memoirs, Edina sets out to woo Kate Moss as a client. But this goes spectacularly wrong when Kate ends up falling off a balcony into the Thames. Now under investigation, Eddie and Pats flee to the South of France to find Patsy's wealthy ex (Barry Humphreys). They're chased by a detective (Robert Webb), who's the boyfriend of Edina's daughter Saffron (Julia Sawalha), whose teen daughter (Indeharna Donaldson-Holness) has run off with them.

Written by Saunders, the script is very loose, bouncing around without much focus before a series of impatient, nonsensical conclusions. Basically, it's little more than a flimsy framework that includes brief scenes for series regulars (including Jane Horrock's airhead assistant, June Whitfield's dotty mum, Celia Imrie's rival PR and Kathy Burke's bulldog editor), plus a few new characters like Chris Colfer's stylist. All of these people have their moments, but never quite emerge as much more than comedy sketch figures. On the other hand, the big-screen format allows Saunders and Lumley to give Edina and Patsy a bit of surprising emotional depth amid the usual slapstick nuttiness.

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Robert Webb at the World Premiere of Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley's new film 'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie' held at the Odeon Leicester Square. London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 29th June 2016

Robert Webb

David Mitchell And Robert Webb To Reunite For New Channel 4 Comedy 'Back'

David Mitchell Robert Webb

‘Peep Show’ may have finally come to an end last year, but David Mitchell and Robert Webb are certainly not done yet. The comedy duo are to reunite for a new sitcom entitled ‘Back’ for Channel 4, about a dysfunctional family in the pub business.

The new show is to be written along with Simon Blackwell, who helped co-write some of the later episodes of ‘Peep Show’ which finally came to an end last December, after nine series and 12 years. He’s also a sometime collaborator with Armando Ianucci, working with him on political satires ‘The Thick of It’, its movie spin-off In The Loop and American version ‘Veep’.

Mitchell will play Stephen, who inherits the family’s pub business after the death of his father, but his plans are thrown off course when his former foster brother Andrew (played by Webb) re-appears in his life and wants to join in.

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Olivia Colman Confirmed For Final Series Of Peep Show

Olivia Colman David Mitchell Robert Webb

It's been a comedy staple for many a Channel 4 viewer throughout the naughties and many a tear was shed when it was confirmed that the ninth series of Peep Show was to be the last. Thankfully for avid fans it's going out the way it came in with Olivia Colman's Sophie a firm part of its final outing.

Olivia ColmanOlivia's character Sophie has been a firm part of Peep Show for nine series

David Mitchell, who has played Mark, Sophie's on-off romancer since the beginning, confirmed Colman's involvement with a tweeted picture of the actress between himself and Robert Webb who plays Jeremy in the sitcom.

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'Never Mind The Buzzcocks': Rhod Gilbert First Permanent Host In Five Years

Simon Amstell Noel Fielding Mark Ronson Mark Lamarr Robert Webb Terry Wogan Jack Dee

Rhod Gilbert has been named as the permanent host of comedy panel show Never Mind the Buzzcocks. The BBC2 show has lacked a permanent presenter since 2009 when Simon Amstell departed so he could work on his own comedy tours and performances. 

Rhod Gilbert
Rhod Gilbert is the first permanent Buzzcocks presenter in five years.

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The 10 Funniest 'Peep Show' Quotes

David Mitchell Robert Webb

Channel 4’s hit series Peep Show is set to return for its 9th, and final, series this year. It’s almost too much to bear thinking that we may not see Mark, Jeremy, Super Hans, Big Suze and the gang again after 2014. In the meantime, while we wait for the show to return to our screens we thought we’d reminisce about some of our favourite Peep Show moments. Peep Show’s been running for over ten years now, so fortunately, there’s quite a lot of them!

David Mitchell Robert Webb Peep Show Mark and Jeremy, played by David Mitchell and Robert Webb, will appear for the last time this year

Mark: (while jogging in the park) I'm brilliant, I'm a jogger. I'm running! I knew there had to be a sport for me... Oh, God, is that a stitch? I'm literally going to die, What an idiotic boob I was about 10 or 11 seconds ago!

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Russell Brand Responds To Robert Webb's Rebuke Re: Deathcamps, Etc.

Russell Brand Robert Webb

This is a strange one. Russell Brand, who, while guest editing for the New Statesman, displayed his disenfranchisement with the current British government by signing off a disdainful piece on contemporary politics with a bold statement: ‘I don’t vote, you shouldn’t’.

Russell BrandRussell Brand is a big supporter of West Ham Utd

But Brand’s call for political revolution didn’t sit well with Robert Webb, who is best known for his work alongside David Mitchell in Peep Show. Webb’s rebuke was a strange open letter, which attempted to be both respectful, but managed to be deeply disrespectful at the same time.

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TV Review: Peep Show, Series Eight, Episode One (Channel 4)

David Mitchell Robert Webb

The eighth series of Peep Show kicked off on Channel 4 last night (November 25, 2012), easing viewers into the working week with a new day and timeslot. Previously, the escapades of Mark and Jez had aired on Friday evenings, though it didn't detract from the comeback of one of Britain's best loved comedies.

We picked up with Jeremy still living in Mark's South London flat, despite promising to move out to allow Dobby to move in. Mark becomes increasingly worried that his former flatmates reluctance to move on will mean his girlfriend opts to live rent free at rival Gerard's house instead. However, it soon becomes apparent that he doesn't have to worry about that any longer, because Gerard is DEAD. The former JBL man dies of the flu, leaving Mark to arrange a hasty funeral and set about buying a "wake cake." He chooses a funeral parlour because "it looks like Gerard's kind of place" before leaving the event early to attend his third interview at a toilet and bathroom sales place. 

Season eight is likely to focus on the awkwardness of Mark and Dobby living together with Jez still around. Although the plot might not have the firepower of previous seasons, scribes Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain aren't likely to get any less funny and last night's first episode offered plenty of promise. When Jez visits a therapist (paid for by Mark), he convinces himself that he must discuss his main issues in life, "drugs, drinking, women, career and not being able to go to sleep properly without wearing a woolly hat". 

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Can Peep Show Retain Its Charm As We Welcome Season Eight To Our Screens?

David Mitchell Robert Webb

The sitcom Peep Show began airing on Channel 4 in 2003. Starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb, the comedy series exposes the lead character’s deepest anxieties, as well as their most shallow (and comical) thoughts. It’s hailed as one of the few comedy shows that really exposes the inner workings of the mind of the modern male and thus, it’s charm has endured for seven seasons and it’s about to embark on an eighth.

The Telegraph described Peep Show as “Channel 4’s most celebrated sitcom since Father Ted.” As its lead characters, Mark (Mitchell) and Jeremy (Webb) get older, their ongoing struggles with women… and, indeed, with life itself, are starting to become more darkly comic than before. After all, someone in their twenties, struggling to figure out the complexities of life is understandably funny. Someone in their late thirties, still having the same problems? well, that’s just sad, right? As Michael Deacon explains, for The Telegraph, “the older its two central characters grow, the bleaker it gets. It was bleak enough to begin with – but now that the feckless flatmates are approaching middle age, Peep Show is threatening to drag British comedy into a whole new realm of failure and neurosis.”

Peep Show’s biggest TV audience to date is a mere 1.8 million, yet it has been lauded with awards such as BAFTAs, British Comedy Awards and the Rose d’Or. You can expect season eight to be every bit as enticing as the previous seven.

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