Robert Rodriguez is hoping to take his 'Machete' series into space.

The 'Sin City' director has been given The Go ahead to make a sequel to his Mexican knife fighter movie 'Machete' - called 'Machete Kills' - but is most excited about his plan for a third film, which will see the titular character head into space.

Speaking at Comic-Con in San Diego, he said: "'Machete Kills Again' will be a space opera with a machete-shaped lightsaber.

"To see a badass Mexican in space is really rare in science fiction. We're at least going to shoot a trailer for that and put it in front of 'Machete Kills'."

The director has long been a fan of taking his films in interesting directions, and his forthcoming 'Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D' will be no exception, as it is a 'scratch-and-sniff' feature, where viewers will be able to scratch a card and experience different scents through the course of the film.

He added: "This stuff smells amazing. There are eight instances during the movie where a number will flash on the screen and you then smell that.

"Some of those are pretty good and some are very wrong. Even if you're not a kid you're going to have fun.

"I did this with Ricky Gervais and Joel McHale, so it's not just for kids."