Robert Rodriguez ''loved'' an unauthorised Chinese language remake of 'Mariachi'.

The film director was astounded when he realised a film crew had come from Hong Kong to Mexico and remade his first film and even though they didn't approach him for the rights, wasn't angry about it.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I saw somebody do a straight remake of 'El Mariachi', shot for shot. It's called 'Run', they showed a double feature of it in Austin.

''It was from Hong Kong, what are you going to do, sue them? They can do whatever they want. I loved it, it was fantastic to watch!

''It's in Chinese but shot in Mexico, and it's the same, they just remade it without getting the rights, they just went and did it.

''While you're watching it, you see how they re-did each scene, like 'Wow, they had much more money, oh, there's a helicopter shot, great production value'.''

Robert is open to the idea of remakes, but isn't sure who he would trust to re-work one of his own films.

He added: ''I think I could even see something like 'The Avengers' being remade at some point, because they always did that with comics, started again, re-did stories. Constant reinvention for new audiences is sometimes good.

''I'm too hands on, I don't' know if I'd want someone touching my own movies. I'd probably want to remake it myself. It depends on which film it was and how they wanted to do it.''

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