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10th December 2015

Quote: "I'd been warned about her that she could be a pain in the ass, and that she was a control freak. But what I found out what that she was a sheer pleasure to work with. What I found is that she didn't revolutionise, but she instigated a new kind of beauty." Robert Redford heaped praise on Barbra Streisand while honouring her with the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment gala on Wednesday (09Dec15). Previous recipients have included Shonda Rhimes, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton and Jodie Foster.

14th October 2015

Quote: "Robert got my dad exactly right. He got his passion for news, his integrity and his loyalty to his team. And my dad is very humbled that Robert Redford, one of the greatest actors of his generation, wanted to play him." Revered U.S. newsman Dan Rather's daughter, Robin, tells Closer Weekly she is delighted with Robert Redford's portrayal of her father in new film Truth, which is based on the reporting scandal that forced the broadcaster to resign as a primetime anchorman in March, 2005.

16th September 2015

Fact: DAME Helen Mirren and Robert Redford have been chosen to receive special prizes for their career achievements at the 2015 Gotham Independent Film Awards in November (15). The veterans will be feted with the Actress and Actor Tribute honours. Previous recipients of the awards include Forest Whitaker, Robert Duvall, Charlize Theron and Kate Winslet. The Oscar winners will be given the trophies at the 25th anniversary of the prizegiving on 30 November (15).

3rd September 2015

Quote: "You make the most of what you've been given; that's how I see it. And you keep pushing to make more of it. I don't see any reason to stop. I think retirement can lead to death, and that's not for me." Robert Redford has no plans to give up acting.

5th May 2015

Quote: "I auditioned with Robert Redford for The Graduate and (director) Mike (Nichols) decided to go in a very different, more brunette direction." Actress Candice Bergen auditioned for a role in THE GRADUATE opposite ROBERT REDFORD in 1967. Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft and Katharine Ross went on to star in the movie.

29th April 2015

Fact: Robert Redford and his wife Sibylle Szaggars are to be honoured with the 2015 Prince Rainier III Award from the Princess Grace Foundation - USA. The accolade recognises leaders in the arts field who give back. The 2015 awards gala, sponsored by Christian Dior Couture, will be hosted by Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco at the prince's palace in Monaco on 5 September (15). Past recipients have included George Lucas and Denzel and Pauletta Washington.

2nd October 2014

Fact: Actor/filmmaker Robert Redford is set to receive the 2014 Career Achievement Award at the IDA Documentary Awards on 5 December (14) in Los Angeles.

22nd May 2014

Fact: Robert Redford is in talks to portray late evangelical minister Oral Roberts in Jonathan Demme's new movie Come Sunday. The Hunger Games star Jeffrey Wright is also close to signing on as controversial Oklahoma minister Carlton Pearson, who upset followers by insisting hell didn't exist. Roberts became Pearson's mentor as he pieced his life back together.

4th April 2014

Fact: Robert Redford's new Tv series about the Wild West has been picked up by bosses at the Discovery Channel. Redford's The West will span 40 years between the end of the Civil War and the turn of the 20th century, and it will feature studies on characters like Jesse James and Buffalo Bill.

15th October 2013

Fact: Actor Robert Redford was blown away by his own work on The Sting after tuning into the film in 2004 - because he had never seen it before. The Hollywood veteran refuses to watch his movies and only agreed to see his 1973 film after his grandson suggested it at Christmas. He says, "I thought it was a really good movie."

13th October 2013

Fact: Robert Redford's new stranded-at-sea movie All Is Lost was shot in the same massive outdoor tank that James Cameron used to make Titanic in Baja, California.

11th October 2013

Quote: "It makes me f**king nuts. It has moved out of what I had as a comfort zone. It's moved beyond, to where I'm uneasy about it... When the actors started to come, the paparazzi came, and once the paparazzi came, then fashion came, and suddenly you had Paris Hilton." Robert Redford has distanced himself from the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, which he created to give budding filmmakers a chance to show their indie movies, since it became a media circus.

11th October 2013

Fact: Robert Redford is working on a movie adaptation of Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods with Nick Nolte. He had initially hoped to reunite with his late Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid co-star Paul Newman on the project.

3rd April 2013

Quote: "The Captain America thing is just a very simple thing. I wanted to do something different. Something bold, different. And that felt like a good thing to do. That was it, nothing more to it than that." Robert Redford explains his decision to tackle a role in upcoming superhero sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

23rd May 2012

Quote: "He fought very hard to keep me out of The Great Gatsby because I had blonde hair." Robert Redford on movie mogul Robert Evans' campaign to fire him from the famous 1974 movie adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald classic novel.

17th May 2012

Fact: Actor and environment campaigner Robert Redford is to address delegates at the inaugural Wttc Americas Summit in Mexico this week (ends18May12), a three-day event aimed at promoting jobs in travel and tourism.

29th November 2011

Fact: Rockers Placebo will play a one-off gig at London's O2 Indigo venue next year (12) to mark the launch of Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival in the U.K. capital. The show will take place on 28 April (11).

7th November 2011

Quote: "We're riding in the car the other day and Amy, my younger daughter, says to (her stepmother) Billy, 'Billy, why don't you tell dad to stop dyeing his hair?' And I said, 'What?' They said, 'Well, come on, Dad, we know.' I said, 'Guys. I don't.' I had to convince my own kids. So imagine what the public thinks." Even Robert Redford's children believe he dyes his famous brown locks.

19th August 2011

Fact: Life magazine editors celebrated Robert Redford's 75th birthday on Thursday (18Aug11) by releasing a series of unseen John Dominius photos from a 1970 cover story online.

13th April 2011

Quote: "I'm gonna have to say Butch Cassidy (is my favourite Robert Redford film). I grew up with Westerns and riding horses and it inspired me to write a song based on the film. I never told you that." Evan Rachel Wood tells her The Conspirator director Robert Redford he inspired her from an early age.

12th April 2011

Quote: "Seeing that reminds me of my good friend Paul and the sadness I feel at his loss." Robert Redford thinks of his late pal, actor Paul Newman, whenever he sees their film Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid.

11th April 2011

Quote: "People need to wake up. The climate's changing. Water doesn't reach its destination anymore. We need to realise that this planet is home to all of us. There's not a lot one person can do alone, but I will sleep better at night knowing that I did whatever I could." Robert Redford on his efforts to make Americans more environmentally aware.

15th March 2011

Fact: Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival is heading to London thanks to Aeg Europe and The Sundance Institute. The festival will debut in April 2012 at The O2, three months after the Sundance Film Festival takes place in Park City, Utah. Actor and Sundance founder Redford, who is spearheading the effort, says he is excited about bringing the very best in current American cinema to the U.K.

9th March 2011

Quote: "I own a car that I shouldn't be talking about because I'm an environmentalist. The 1955 Porsche 550 Rs Spyder is the finest sports car ever made." Eco warrior Robert Redford refuses to get rid of his favourite set of wheels.

24th January 2011

Quote: "He's got a helluva head of hair. He's got that gene pool. Certain people, they have the genes. Like Brad Pitt, he's going to have that same head of hair when he's 90. Leo DiCaprio same thing, that head of hair will be there forever." Actor-turned-director Michael Rapaport is in awe of Robert Redford's full head of hair.

21st January 2011

Quote: "I'm gonna die but I haven't thought about retiring." Robert Redford has no plans to stop making movies.

18th January 2011

Fact: Actress America Ferrera, director Jason Reitman and The Simpsons creator Matt Groening are among the famous faces who will act as jury members at Robert Redford's 2011 Sundance Film Festival in Utah, which kicks off on 20 January (11).

2nd December 2010

Fact: Robert Redford's 2011 Sundance Film Festival is set to be a star-studded affair - Al Pacino, Katie Holmes, Kevin Spacey and Tobey Maguire are among the actors who will premiere movies at the January (11) event. Spacey's Margin Call will be viewed for the first time alongside Maguire's domestic drama The Details, while Pacino and Holmes will close the festival with the post-9/11 drama The Son of No One.

18th March 2010

Quote: "My standard answer is always Robert Redford. But that doesn't get me anywhere. I never want to (meet him). I just want to enjoy it from a distance. I would be panicky if I ever met him. I've taken his name in vain for so long. I just don't ever want to meet him. It would spoil all the fun. I want to fantasise and talk about him behind his back." Veteran actress Betty White on her longtime crush.

10th June 2009

Fact: Hollywood veteran Robert Redford paid tribute to U.S. consumer advocate Joan Claybrook on Tuesday (09Jun09) when he attended a special dinner in Washington, D.C. to honour her work as the head of watchdog Public Citizen. Redford credited Claybrook, who recently retired from the role, with inspiring him to be a more active environmental advocate.

15th May 2009

Fact: Robert Redford has launched an initiative called Sundance in New Mexico, which will help train aspiring Native American and Hispanic directors through a series of workshops and panel discussions.

3rd March 2009

Fact: Veteran screen icon Robert Redford will be honoured at the 2009 ROBIE Awards for his contributions to the film industry. The prize, from humanitarian organisation the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF), will be presented to the actor at the annual awards dinner on 16 March (09).

14th October 2008

Fact: MARK ATIENZA, the former child actor who played Robert Redford's ROY HOBBS character as a boy in baseball epic THE NATURAL, is to have his feature-length directorial debut, ROUNDS, in selection at the upcoming Hollywood Film Festival in Los Angeles. Atienza, who was uncredited in the film, can be seen carving 'Wonderboy' into his bat in the sports classic.

15th May 2008

Fact: GREY'S ANATOMY star Brooke Smith's godfather is Robert Redford.

4th March 2008

Fact: Sundance Film Festival founder Robert Redford will be presented with the Visionary Award in honour of his work promoting independent film at the movie industry's ShoWest Convention in Las Vegas on 11 March (08).

7th November 2007

Quote: "He may have forgotten my name; he does have short-term memory loss." Robert Redford fears old pal Paul Newman may have forgotten who he is.

7th November 2007

Quote: "It was an apparition that I couldn't quite get a hold of but it kept coming. We enjoyed the cake immensely." Robert Redford on confronting a naked fan who came down from a tree on his Utah estate to present him with a birthday cake.

11th October 2007

Fact: Filmmaker Robert Redford may run the international Sundance Film Festival, but he refuses to have an email address, because the technology leaves him "cold".

20th September 2007

Quote: "We used to joke that Ralph Lauren made an entire career of copying his dress." Robert Redford's longtime publicist Lois Smith claims designer Lauren should credit the movie mogul for his success.

26th July 2007

Fact: Transformers director Michael Bay grew up in a Los Angeles house Robert Redford once lived in.

21st February 2007

Fact: British actor Jude Law is to become a chevalier of the Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres. The French honour will see him join the likes of Robert Redford and author William Faulkner who have also been recognised for their contributions to the arts.

8th November 2006

Fact: Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford reunited in New York this week (begs06NOV06) to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the latter's Sundance Film Institute. It is 37 years since they made the classic Western together.

24th October 2006

Quote: "I'm known for having nice skin My skin is my strength I don't have acne and moles growing out of my forehead I look like Robert Redford " US property tycoon Donald Trump fancies himself as good-looking as the Hollywood movie icon

24th October 2006

Fact: Robert Redford has signed on to play baseball executive BRANCH RICKEY in a new biopic about the life of sports legend JACKIE ROBINSON, the African-American athlete who broke through the colour barrier in baseball

24th February 2006

Fact: <p>Shock jock Howard Stern is keen to become the new Robert Redford after launching a film festival in his name. The top three films in the Howard Stern Film Festival competition will receive cash prizes. </p>

19th January 2006

Quote: <p>"When the festival started, I was standing out on the corner trying to get people into the theatre, and there were only two theatres - one was in the library." Robert Redford launches this year's (06) Sundance Film Festival in Utah with memories of more desperate times. </p>

21st December 2005

Quote: <p>"He tells the worst jokes in the world. That would be OK if he didn't keep on repeating them over and over again." Robert Redford discusses pal Paul Newman. </p>

28th August 2005

Quote: <p>"There's something rolling around that we're talking about it, and the real question is whether he can remember his lines or not." Robert Redford jokes that old pal Paul Newman's memory might be the only thing standing in the way of THE STING stars reuniting for a new movie. </p>

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