Redford plays the longtime CBS News anchor in new drama Truth, which charts Rather's infamous retirement from the network following his 2004 report suggesting President George W. Bush dodged serving in the Vietnam War because his famous father George pulled some strings.

Rather has previously told how Redford spoke to him on several occasions to get a feel for the part, and now he has had a chance to see the movie, the journalist admits he was impressed, even though it was "surreal" seeing himself portrayed onscreen.

Rather tells the Huffington Post, "He didn't try to do a caricature or an impression. He just tried to capture some of the essence of the person... I have not been involved in (the movie). I talked to Redford twice, once on the phone, during his preparations. I know he picked up some of my speech patterns, but I don't know quite what to make of it. Seeing oneself portrayed on screen in film is a surreal experience."