Redford portrays the longtime CBS News anchor in new film Truth, which tells the story of the host's controversial 2004 report on President George W. Bush that reportedly led to his retirement from the network after 24 years on air.

In the broadcast, Rather suggested the former president, who was running for re-election at the time, avoided serving in the Vietnam war because his famous father George Bush pulled strings to keep him away from the conflict.

The newsman has now revealed Redford was intrigued by the story and quizzed him relentlessly as he prepared for the part.

Rather tells the New York Post, "I've read the script. It's serious. (The) people behind it do a good job... You couldn't want for a better cast. Redford playing me makes me feel humble - which is not a word usually associated with anchors.

"The nuanced, not preachy, script makes clear our report was true. Facts can't be denied... Yes (Redford called me), and he wanted to know, 'What was it like? Describe it to me.' I just wish he wasn't so good looking."

Truth is set for release in October (15).