Acclaimed actor and director Robert Redford could produce and star in a film based on the expeditions of travel writer BILL BRYSON.

The Hollywood Reporter has stated that The Horse Whisperer star is interested in working on the adaptation of A WALK IN THE WOODS- the story of Bryson's journey along the Appalachian Trail.

Other names rumoured to be attached to the film are Paul Newman to star and BARRY LEVINSON to direct.

Redford is also developing an as yet untitled JACKIE ROBINSON project. He is set to star as the revolutionary Brooklyn Dodgers manager Branch Rickey who broke baseball's race barrier.

Meanwhile, at his recently-wrapped Sundance Film Festival Redford spoke about the impact of Heath Ledger's death.

Speaking to reporters he said: "That's too young to check out. It was a shock."

He went on to describe Ledger as "one of those actors who was very, very special because he played so many different kinds of roles".

29/01/2008 15:07:37