Robert Plant has accepted that questions about Led Zeppelin reuniting will never go away.

The 73-year-old singer - who rose to fame with the 'Stairway to Heaven' legends - admitted while he doesn't think they'll ever get back together, he finds it "charming" that people still care enough to ask.

He told MOJO magazine: "Talking to me somewhere along the line, everything goes back to the biggest thing that ever happened to me.

"From your angle, you have to see it like that, but there ain't nothing really there about from speculation.

"We're 41 years into it now. It's a very charming question, and it comes in all languages! but the conversation doesn't really go now, because that spaceship has [departed]."

Robert formed the band in 1968 alongside Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and late drummer John Bonham, and they split in 1980 after his tragic death before later reuniting in 1985, 1998, 1995 and 2007.

The iconic frontman has gone on to focus on his own career, and he said his 2007 album 'Raising Sand' - which he recorded with Alison Krauss - is the kind of music he wants to make with the rest of his life.

He added: "It's obvious that ['Raising Sand'] is so different, and also has its own huge power and intensity - and good-will, that's the key. It's the thing that carries joy, and that's what makes it tenable.

"Pro-rota, with the amount of time I've got left, however long that is, every day is like 10 days for all I know, so I can't waste, I can't tarry, with anything that isn't the proper ticket. Otherwise, I shouldn't be doing it at all.

"It's a miracle, this album. It's as old as it is new - a couple of people at a certain time in their lives, doing something that neither of them expected. It's clean.

"There's no going back, no going forward, it's just, 'This is it, today!' that's such a relief for me, and for Alison, too."