Robert Plant and Alison Krauss want to tour again together.

The pair reunited this year for new album ‘Raise the Roof’ and had such a good time on the road when they last worked together, on 2007’s ‘Raising Sand’, they are keen to get back on stage.

Alison said: “I think it would be a blast. We had a really great time last time and I have no doubt we would have fun again. It was a really great, spontaneous live show.

“We had incredible musicians and it had its own life.”

The duo had often talked about making a follow-up to ‘Raising Sand’ but had to wait until the time was right.

Alison told Classic Rock magazine: “It didn’t feel like a moment too soon. You want something to be inspired and not forced or contrived.

“This just very easily fell into place. It was the right time.”

Robert added: “IT’s a great vacation that we share and a thing we look forward to, but nervously – we’re both pretty heavy on the opinion stakes.”

Alison believes the key to their success is their differing musical backgrounds.

She said: “I think both of us coming up in such different environments musically makes something very different.

“You have people working together but don’t compromise who they are.

“I grew up listening to traditional music, much like Robert, but just a completely different path.

“I grew up on the Jimmy Rogers side and he grew up on the Robert Johnson side.

“It has a beautiful contrast and it shows up on the recordings.”