Robert Pattinson screen-tested in Val Kilmer's 1995 'Batman Forever' batsuit, and had to be "drained of liquid" as the thick costume made him sweat so much.

The 'Twilight' actor is set to make his debut as the DC superhero in 'The Batman', and the movie's director, Matt Reeves, has revealed the 35-year-old star actually wore a different suit when he tried out for the iconic role.

Speaking virtually at DC FanDome, the filmmaker spilled: "Rob did his first [screen test] by himself and he literally was wearing, I believe, Val Kilmer's Batsuit.

"Which, by the way, the moment [Pattinson] put it on, that was kind of a crazy moment."

The 'Tenet' star believes it was a combination of the latex-like suit and being "incredibly nervous" that made him sweat buckets.

Robert continued: "It was crazy. But I remember putting it on and thinking, 'This is impossible. This is going to be absolutely impossible.

"I mean, wearing a kind of two-inch-thick rubber suit, or latex suit, and being incredibly nervous and full of adrenaline the whole time.

"I remember we did like two takes and people were just saying, 'What can we do about the sweat?' They were like, 'Nothing! Nothing that can be done.' I had to be drained of liquid."

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Wright recently teased Robert will be a "badass" Batman.

The 55-year-old plays Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon in the upcoming flick, and he believes audiences will be impressed by Robert's take on the character.

He said: "Robert is gonna do his thing, and we were working within a Matt Reeves vision, so you know, Robert is doing what Robert does and it's gonna be pretty badass I think."

The 'Westworld' actor explained that he and Robert forged a bond on set to represent the dynamic between Batman and his ally in the police force.

He said: "I loved working with him, I love his take and his energy and the way that he kind of brought different levels to different parts of the story. And we work off of one another.

"I just tried to give him Gordon things, and he did his Batman thing."