Robert Pattinson says his Bruce Wayne made "more sense" without the playboy persona in 'The Batman'.

The 35-year-old actor plays the lead role in the new superhero blockbuster and felt his character – a younger version of the billionaire crimefighter – was better suited to being isolated from the rest of Gotham City.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Robert said: "When you think Bruce Wayne, you kind of think he's a playboy, and that's how he disguises himself, so no one knows he's Batman. As soon as you take that away, it made the character almost make more sense.

"There's something about a person who would be able to delineate three incredibly distinct personalities, and then just being able to switch them as an outfit at will. That's really way more sociopathic than someone who doesn't really have much more control over it and is compelled to put this suit on. It's kind of out of his control a little bit."

Robert felt that it made sense for his alter ego to still be struggling to cope with the murder of his parents when he was a child.

The 'Twilight' star added: "Also, it made more sense with the grieving process as well if he hasn't gotten over being the 10-year-old boy who, in his mind, let his parents die.

"What he feels is himself, he thinks is an incredibly weak and vulnerable child, and he needs to have an entirely different alter ego to survive himself, let alone fight all the criminals of Gotham."

The flick marks Robert's debut as the Caped Crusader but he is unsure about his future as the character as it will depend on director Matt Reeves.

Asked if the filmmaker had future projects lined up, Robert told Variety: "I don't think so. We've kind of had conversations about it since.

"But, I mean, he spent five years from conception to completion of this. He's very, very, very, one-track-minded – well one-project-minded, I guess. And so I think until this comes out, I doubt he's thought about the next steps yet. Or maybe he has and he hasn't told me."