The latest in the growing line of Robert Pattinson's post-Kristen Stewart dates comes in the form of Dylan Penn, Sean Penn's daughter. The Twilight actor has been spotted out and about several times with the 22 year-old model.

Robert Pattinson
'R-Patz' Has Been Linked To Several Women Since His Break-Up With Kristen Stewart.

Pattinson split up with long-term on/off girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart around June and has been linked to singer Katy Perry and actresses Riley Keough and Michelle Rodriguez in the wake of the break-up. Now Rob is allegedly dating the daughter of actor Sean Penn who is giving him the gift of some pap evading knowledge.

"She understands him so well, having grown up with a famous family and she's been an expert in helping him decoy the paparazzi with a few tricks her old man taught her," an insider told National Enquirer, via Entertainment Wise.

Robert Pattinson Twilight
Are Things Serious Between Robert & Dylan?

It was also recently reported that Sean had warned Rob off dating his daughter, lest he disrespect her: ''He gave his piece about not getting too heavy with his daughter if he's playing the field, as he doesn't want to see her hurt. But it's backfired. Rob backed off but Dylan found out and has gone tonto at her dad.''

Any rumours that Rob is seriously dating anyone new would be in direct contradiction to what he stated to his friends: that he vowed to remain a bachelor for some time now he's single again. "The surprising thing for Rob's friends, though, is that he's considering another relationship, having vowed to remain a bachelor for at least a year after splitting from Kristen," a source says, via Entertainment Wise.

Could there be something about Dylan that has made him break him own rule? "He says there's something about Dylan. She's sexy as hell, clever, discreet and completely charming. She's also surprisingly down-to-earth, considering she comes from Hollywood royalty," the source adds.

Sean Penn
Sean Penn Apparently Warned Robert Pattinson.

The media tends to portray Rob as the party animal surrounded by girls and shaking off the chains of his former relationship whilst Kristen is always spotted looking glum and isolated. However, another insider speaking to Hollywood Life has a different view: "Rob is simply not over Kristen. He misses her. He misses their friendship. Rob likes Dylan, but spending time with her has actually made him miss Kristen even more."

Kristen Stewart
Could There Be A Future For Rob & Kristen?

"Rob knows Kristen is back home [from filming] but he hasn't seen her yet. I know he wants to see her, but just doesn't know how to approach her since he is the one who cut off the communication. He just needs to not worry about what other people think and listen to his intuition."

Pattinson is currently gearing up to play a photographer in a James Dean biopic entitled Life whilst Stewart has just returned from filming Sils Maria in Switzerland.