We've all heard of girls wearing their boyfriends clothes, but the other way round? Robert Pattinson swapped roles when he arrived in New York wearing a jacket that may very well belong to his other half Kristen Stewart, but rather that "aww," all we're feeling is "eww."

Rob was spotted arriving at JFK airport in New York City yesterday (Dec 22) after a week-long stint in the city, where he was filming for new men’s Dior fragrance advert. Although the two have been inseparable since getting back together, Stewart did not join Rob on the trip to the Big Apple, but it appears as though there weren't completely apart, as Rob was spotted wearing a jacket that may very well belong to his girlfriend.

The jacket looked a tad too small to be Rob's and with its floral lining and feminine cut, looked as though he pulled it from the wrong wardrobe when he was packing for NYC. Fans on Twitter are claiming that the jacket is a Japanese design only available in the Asian country and Rob has not been there lately, but Kristen has! Whilst some are suggesting it to be a gift others are saying it may just belong to Kristen. One Twitter user (@RobertsCaramel) said, “Apparently the Adidas jacket that Rob wore at JFK is only available in Japan and Rob hasn’t been there recently…but guess what? Kristen has."

Whoever it belongs to, it looks as though the two are back to their loved up ways again, whether it be through buying each other gifts or wearing each others clothes. We just don't want to know what underwear he was wearing when he flew (or do we...).