Review of Paths FSOL & KV5 Mixes Single by Robert Miles

Robert Miles "Paths FSOL & KV5 Mixes" (S:alt)
Once in a while you stumble unknowingly across a tune that changes your day, a tune that makes you realise why you got into enjoying music in the first place. It's an unfortunately all too rare moment, but this record is one of those moments. Future Sound of London, purveyors of the long gone but not forgotten anthem of the early nineties "Papua New Guinea" have re-emerged with a mix of glorious proportions. Emotional to the core with fixating piano, inspiring violins and enough energy to exhilarate anyone who manages to hear it so much that they can fail to do nothing other punch their fists skywards. Truly another Anthem for the summer 2001, a "Blackgold of the Sun" for the Year 2001.