Review of Organik Album by Robert Miles

Robert Miles "Organik"
After three years in the wilderness and a gruelling17 months of hard work to get it completed, dance legend Robert miles returns with his third and best sounding album to date. "Organik".

An interesting mix of live studio recording, sequenced drumloops, electronic sounds and soundtrack style strings grab your attention right from the start. The album delves into darker territories than his earlier recordings, interwoven with multi cultural influences, alternative rock, programmed breakbeats and occasionally basking in the dreamy aspects that are his trademark.

"Organik" is crammed full of different elements right through the whole 63-minute journey, echoes of middle eastern ghazals, industrial style effects, mellow orchestration and powerful vocals make this a very easy and enjoyable album to listen to.

Many talented artists feature on the album including Nitin Sawhey, Bill Laswell, Trilok Gurty, Dhruba Ghosa, Nina Miranda (smoke city), the London session orchestra and many more.

I feel that "Organik" will gain Robert Miles many new listeners with its darker, progressive twist, the change in mood is a welcome one and it has the potential to be one of the albums of 2001. Release date: 11th June 2001.

Scott Pender 14th May 2001