Robert Downey Jr is eager to promote himself as "Tori Amos with a penis" after plucking the quote from a review of his album.

The Hollywood star, 40, is willing fans and critics to give their verdicts on his musical venture THE FUTURIST, and cites the comparison to the SILENT ALL THESE YEARS singer as one of his favourite comments.

Downey Jr says, "That's a great compliment. One of the nicest things that's been said about my album.

"My guitar player played it for some guys he was playing pool with. Seven of them liked it. But one guy remarked, 'This is complete c**p.'"

The OSCAR-nominated actor jokingly adds, "But I like to think of it as a great seduction record. I play it when I'm making love underneath a huge mirror with my girlfriend holding the album sleeve next to me."

10/04/2005 21:23