Review of Just Movement Album by Robert Delong

Robert DeLong is certainly a product of his time, enhancing and utilising every piece of modern gadgetry available to produce his unique blend of elaborate and engaging electronica. The multi-talented singer-songwriter, producer, programmer and drummer from LA even incorporates his use of gaming remotes into his imaginative and contemporary live sets. It's easy to see why he's on the 'one to watch list' of MTV and Billboard. The 'future of Rock N' Roll' (is not) '97X, Bam' but it might well be Robert Delong.

Robert Delong Just Movement Album

'Just Movement' is a stunning 5 track album sampler from Delong that contains some fantastic material. It is the perfect precursor to his full album release later this year and a fabulous introduction to a formidable artist.

The first track of the five is 'Global Concepts'. Here Delong shows us just why he is being heralded not only as a great arranger and producer, but also a great song writer. This is not electronic music that added some inconsequential lyrics; this is the fully formed, thought provoking, intellectualised, high end article. "I think it burns my sense of truth, To hear me shouting at my youth, I need a way to sort it out, After I die, I'll reawake, Redefine what was at stake". The beats are creatively diverse, the bleeps and beeps inventive and effective and the hooks and rhythms just masterful.

The EP's title track 'Just Movement' follows on with a blend of 80's Depeche Mode/New Music melded into a fresh and vibrant sound for today's ears. 'Religious Views' maintains the quality through its thumping electro heart and the use of a variously manipulated one liner. The breakdown twice changes the soundscape in a harmonious deconstruction with an obligatory piano subtly rounding off the tune. 'Perfect' sees Delong partly in duet as he ponders more of life's bigger questions accompanied by a bruising bass beat and triangle. The aptly titled 'Happy' closes out the EP with an undulating soundtrack of catchy arrangements and indulgent flourishes.

If indeed Moby's 'Play' was the catalyst for Robert Delong's creation, then 'Just Movement' is a fine testament to that album's inspiration. It would not be inconceivable to think that each of these five tracks could find themselves being used as vehicles to accessorise any number of advertising campaigns or TV soundtracks. My only small criticism is that, on occasion, you are left wondering: What if? Has Delong been a little too polite and too reserved? Would 'Global Concepts' be better if it was brasher, dirtier, filthier? It is screaming out for the dancefloor... but possibly also a Chemical Brothers style remix. That aside, expect to hear a lot more from Robert Delong, he's very talented young chap. 

Andrew Lockwood 

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