Robert De Niro says his baby daughter brings him "great joy and relief".

The 80-year-old actor became a father for the seventh time when he and his girlfriend Tiffany Chen, 45, welcomed little Gia into the world in April 2023, and he's opened up about how much light she brings to his life.

He told People magazine: “She’s such an adorable baby. So sweet.

“[When I] look at her, everything else goes away. So it’s a great joy and relief to just be with her in the moment.”

The 'Goodfellas' legend loves it when his brood is all together and enjoys going on family vacations with them.

He said: “The fact that they’d all be together is everything to me."

Asked what his favourite thing to do with his children is, he replied: “Just being together, taking trips to warm places."

De Niro is also a father to Drena, 56, and Raphael, 47, with his first wife Diahnne Abbott, twins Julian and Aaron, 28, with ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith, and Elliot, 25, and Helen, 12, with ex-wife Grace Hightower.

The 'Meet The Fockers' star has been imparting little pieces of wisdom his parents taught him about life to his children.

He said: “One thing I'd say to one of my younger kids is that there are things that I remember that [my parents, De Niro Sr. and Virginia Admiral] told me that you don't forget.

“Certain little truisms or whatever you want to call them.”

He continued: “Little examples of life saying, ‘If you do this, this is what you do. Always do this, do that.'

“I say, ‘You're going to remember what I just said to you, you're not going to forget it and it'll register with you and it will make an impact and a good one.

“So that I've found myself doing [that].”