Despite the eagerly awaited sequel to Trainspotting finally only under a week away after a decade of speculation, one of the actors has already started the rumour mill going about a potential third film.

Robert CarlyleCould there be a third Trainspotting?

Robert Carlyle, who plays Begbie in the motion pictures, has hinted that the third movie could centre around his anarchic character.

Speaking at the Edinburgh premiere of the highly anticipated film - which brings together all of the original cast from the first 1996 outing along with its original director, Danny Boyle - Carlyle revealed he has been in discussions with Trainspotting novelist Irvine Welsh about reprising his character one last time.

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In T2 Begbie breaks out of jail and is reunited with his family.

Of that aspect of his character, Carlyle said: "That is the first time you see maybe there is another side to this guy.

"He's capable of feeling something more than just rage, so I'm pleased that that element of Begbie has been shown. And maybe that sets up another film, in fact, because Irvine Welsh has written The Blade Artist."

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The Blade Artist is the fourth in the Trainspotting canon written by Welsh in 2016 and sees Begbie out of jail and living a reformed existence in California, before being summoned back to Edinburgh following the murder of his son.

Carlyle added: "We've been talking about that, I am up for doing it.

"So maybe we ain't seen the end of Begbie just yet."