Review of Immortal Changes Album by Robert Babicz

Robert Babicz is certainly a long standing member of the dance/progressive music fraternity. Having achieved success in the 90's when dance music was really going for it; Babicz was in it releasing tunes. He's still around and judging by Immortal Changes he's still in the trade for the right reasons; showing sophistication and mood that only deep layered ambient dance music can do. Coming from Germany and involved with his own record label it seems Babicz still has more to offer.

Robert Babicz Immortal Changes Album

The first track 'Morning Kiss' sets the soft, gentle mood that runs through this album. I suppose Kruder and Dorfmeister are a likely and good influence but certainly he has his own style. Tracks like 'Darkflower' and 'Come Closer' add a bit more meat to the album but on the whole 'Immortal Changes' is a laid back, thinking album that shows dance music maturity and peaceful serenity.

I like this album. Immortal Changes has nice production and nice mood. It's an easy album to put in the background and for the heads shows a depth that will appeal. Nice work!

Tareck Ghoneim

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