Robbie Williams worried he was "ugly" when people stopped questioning his sexuality.

The 'Angels' hitmaker - who has four children with wife Ayda Field - reflected on how the "top search" for his name was people asking if he was gay, but now that "no one seems to mention it", he was left wondering if it was because men had stopped finding him attractive.

Robbie shared a self-portrait on Instagram, in which he had coloured himself in rainbow stripes, and it bore the words: "For the longest time the top internet search for me was 'Is Robbie Williams Gay?' No one seems to mention it these days. So am I not gay any more?(sic)"

And in his caption, the 50-year-old star admitted: "When ‘’Robbie Williams Gay’’ Stopped being the top Google search my genuine thought was ‘’Am I ugly now?’’Not that I’ve ever thought I was a looker in the first place.(sic)"

Robbie thinks people find it "soothing" to speculate as to whether celebrities are hiding their sexuality from the public.

He wrote: "Most people who are male and famous get the ‘’Secretly gay’’ thing.

"I think the thought for a lot of people is soothing like ‘’Yeah, They have all of that luck, acclaim and an amazing lifestyle but at least they’re living a lie’’ (sic)"

The former Take That star claimed last year he and his wife no longer have sex.

He told The Sun newspaper: “Everyone knows there is no sex after marriage.”

However, Ayda later dismissed his statement and insisted they were still "incredibly intimate".

She told the Sunday Times Style magazine about how he had been joking: “When you have four young kids, intimacy evolves into something else.

“That doesn’t mean that we don't have sex or we’re not intimate. We do have sex and we are incredibly intimate.”

But Ayda added her family set-up means privacy is nearly non-existent in her home.

She said: “I can’t even go one day without at least one of my children coming in on me while I'm peeing."