Robbie Williams' wife was less than impressed when he served her some ''British banter''.

The 'Let Me Entertain You' hitmaker wound his American wife, Ayda Field, up by putting a funny slogan on her birthday cake, but she was less than impressed.

She said: ''On my birthday cake, Robbie wrote: 'You're officially the oldest woman I've ever had sex with.'''

Whilst Robbie added: ''I sort of noticed Ayda's face when I started to do the British thing of giving a compliment and then taking it away. And her face would fill with all of this love and sort of gratitude for the nice thing that I'd said and then I'd compliment that with the thing that takes it away, because I'm British, and then saw her face sort of drop. And I'm like, 'I'm just doing the banter thing!'''

Robbie also opened up about spending time in America, and how his British accent was mistaken for an Irish or Australian one.

He shared: ''I never got people in America saying, 'Are you from England?', it was either Irish or Australian. And one American one night got really angry with me and told me to knock it off. And I was like, 'knock what off?' and they said, 'the accent', she thought I was American putting on an accent. And I just wondered if Americans just think that if you're English you speak a certain way.''

Ayda also opened up about the differences between auditioning for shows in the UK and the US.

Speaking on their Postcards from The Edge podcast, she said: ''Well you know, Rob, how can I say this gently - didn't connect in America. But I don't think they get anything outside of the box. Like when I'm auditioning or going to stuff in America I had to be glossy and pretty and tan and skinny whereas when I got to the UK and was going on auditions, my agent was like, 'You need to not blow-dry your hair, no makeup, don't wear the sexy outfit, bring it down', which was a very strange concept to me.''

Postcards from the Edge premieres on Thursday (18.06.20) and new episodes will air on Thursdays across all major podcast platforms.