Robbie Williams' wife Ayda Field hides painkillers from him at home.

The 'Angels' hitmaker - who has been clean for two decades and has been candid about his battles with addiction - admitted his wife still won't trust him "with pills" around the house.

He told the 'On The Edge' podcast: "Something's always lurking around the corner and I still can't be trusted with pills.

"The wife has to put them behind lock and key... They can be there for 18 months, every single day. Vicodin, whatever, ever day, see them, go to bed.

"One day, for no reason - not being sad, not being happy or not feeling vulnerable, whatever - all of those pills go."

The 48-year-old star previously described painkillers as "f****** evil" and insisted they were the worst drugs he's experienced.

Earlier this year, he said: "I think drugs are like the equivalent to a Ouija board and you don’t know what you’re opening up.

"I think when people talk about demons and sorting out their demons, I think they are actually demons.

"Let me tell you, the worst time I’ve ever had with drugs are painkillers. Nothing is a day trip or a walk in the park but pain medication is f****** evil.

"Meanwhile, the people that own the patent for those pain medications are currently living in 50,000 sq ft houses.”

The former Take That star explained how he took drugs to "fill in the blanks" after joining the boy band aged 16 and finding himself thrust into the public eye.

He added: "Before that I was quite content but I was vulnerable and incredibly sensitive. I felt like I’d been born with an open wound.

“Then when I was thrown into this mosh pit of show business it magnified the negative aspects of my own self-doubt.

“I took drugs to become the person that the world was telling me I should be. When really I’m an introvert, and it’s OK to be an introvert.”