Robbie Williams' pregnant wife has been feeling nauseous.

The 'Candy' hitmaker and his spouse Ayda Field, who already have 20-month-old daughter 'Teddy', are expecting their second child and the actress has been ''really good'' on the whole but has experienced moments of feeling slightly queasy.

He said: ''Ayda is really good. She's been nauseous, but has her happy pregnant moments.''

Robbie is currently on tour and enjoys having his wife and daughter join him on the road as he can only cope with being apart from them for a few days.

He explained to heat magazine: ''She and Teddy have been pretty much everywhere with us on tour and I really miss them when they're not with me. The first few days are great because I can slouch around and play FIFA, but then I want them back as soon as possible.''

Robbie's annual star-studded Soccer Aid fundraiser takes place this weekend, with the profits from the game going to UNICEF to help give life-saving food, medicine and clean water to children across the globe.

And the 'Angels' hitmaker insists becoming a dad has made him a bit ''over-emotional'' and more passionate about backing the cause.

He added: ''Everything's felt a bit deeper and it has more impact so doing something like Soccer Aid for UNICEF, who are helping care for the poorest children around the world, is obviously going to be more powerful. Everything has changed since I've become a dad, although I've always been a bit over-emotional.''