Robbie Williams wants to collaborate with U2.

The 'Party Like A Russian' singer has revealed he would be keen to record with the 'With or Without You' hitmakers or with former One Direction star Niall Horan.

He said: ''I'd love to do something with U2 but if they are not available Niall will do. I think I just wrote the lyric for it.''

And the 42-year-old singer - who has four-year-old Theodora and two-year-old Charlton with his wife Ayda Field - has recalled how he mistook a window at Bono's house for ''the best painting in the world''.

Speaking at a press conference to promote his new album 'The Heavy Entertainment Show', he shared: ''It was during, let's call it, my psychadelic period. I was in Bono's house and it was late and I was elsewhere and I was looking at the best painting in the world.

''Then Bono appeared and I told him he had the best f***ing painting I'd ever seen and he's like 'Robbie that's the window'. Stuff happens in Ireland.''

Meanwhile, Robbie previously admitted he suffered from extreme anxiety whilst making his new album.

He said: ''I get anxiety about the album and it's not like it started last week. I took it into the studio with me for the last three year.

''I'm terrified of releasing it. When I release a video or a song, lots of people are angry anyway. There's a lot of people that like but there's a lot of people that really hate me. I don't doubt that the truth is there's a 140 million people going, 'That Robbie Williams, he's a w*****!'''