It sounds like a cool band name but it's actually a true story. Most people would be thrilled to come across peacocks wandering in their yard, but for Robbie Williams and his neighbor Jimmy Page, they've become serious pests. It makes a change from the pair complaining about each other as they try and solve the problems caused by this flashy birds.

Robbie Williams performing liveRobbie Williams performing live

According to The Sun, a group of peacocks keep wandering away from Holland Park onto their street and attacking their expensive cars. Most of the residents have luxury motors, and Robbie's BMW has received thousands of pounds worth of damage from the peacocks, who keep viciously pecking the vehicles.

'These peacocks are an absolute nightmare', a resident told The Sun. 'They have started attacking our cars because they're attracted to their reflections. They tend to attack the black or navy blue ones because they can see themselves more easily.' 

'I saw one repeatedly bashing a £130,000 Lamborghini with his beak, which I tried to shoo away', they continued. 'I complained to the council but they say there is nothing they can do. These peacocks may look beautiful but they are a real menace.'

Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page will probably be glad of anything that might encourage his Take That neighbor to move out; he's been complaining about the renovations Robbie has been making on his £17.5million Grade II listed mansion for the last five years.

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It's not an unusual kind of neighborhood feud, but it's not about the potential noise complaints as you might expect; Jimmy is worried about the integrity of the property as a whole if Robbie's plans to develop a sprawling basement were accepted by the council. That being said, Jimmy did sue builders for £3,000 for the noise they made taking apart a shed.